Feb 23, 2009

la musica de adentro...

there are many ways to interpret that old mexican saying about "la musica de adentro". for some it's a way of saying "he's not as shy as he seems" but in my case, my day to day living is described by the theme of a certain song. always! for example right now, on F.M EDDIE 101.1 there is "sweet child of mine" if the time is taken to dig deep into my psyche im sure there is a reason for it, but im happy enough to just listen to the tune and keep that happy spirit about me.

the weekend:
the weekend and the week were rough, vocally im strepped! no voice left what so ever, must be from the screaming that takes place in my dreams. HA HA you know when im chasing lance and levi up those mountains, "hey slow down.. wait for me" or when the screaming hordes of beautiful 19 - 28 year old dallas cowboy female cheerleaders try to break into my house and have their way with me!! he he he

on to reality ...

the reality is that night club smoky air and vocal over use are not good(my old choir teacher used to tell me that all the time) - thus the shape of my current voice. on the back burner are my cycling goals, and while it is fun to ride the bike with the boyz and all of us who try to hang on to some shred of youth, im having more fun on stage with a mic and a band. the night life comes with consequences, as a person who's days are pretty much occupied with theory of calculus and thermodynamics, then with graphical concoctions in an effort to corner the market of accessories/suspension lifts in vehicle industry, staying up til the owls go to sleep is .. well .. kicking my ass! but it could be worse. i could be you! *pointing* ha ha


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