Sep 14, 2011

Will it ever be enough? Hoarding and Whoring

What is it about a true cyclists thirst for cycling stuff that deems "the cyclist" a borderline hoarder? Not sure what the answer to that is, as my own experience forces me to save everything, old cables(you never know), old cassettes, chain rings(someday art will molded out of them by my hands), chains(cool bracelets, think the wife would like?), hell even old bar tape pieces have been saved. Why? I don't know.

If anyone can offer a clue as to why some of us collect this useless junk? Please elaborate here... Your opinions are truly welcomed.

Another weird thing about the "true cyclist" is our obsession with replacing our old stuff(whoring)! This due to financial limitations has been put to rest on my part, but there are still those who without having "pro contracts" seem to purchase the newest stuff all the time, my question is this, WHY? I wonder if they feel that shaving grams off a bike will give them 30 secs and bring them one step closer to that prize money, all 150 dollars worth. Winning for the sake of winning doesn't require all the latest "stuff" just ride faster than the other guy.

By the way here is my cycling wish list:(bikes only because if I include the other stuff(accessories), it would be too long)


And to be honest.. that's not even half of the bikes I really want... *sigh*


Aug 13, 2011

Now I know what Lance must feel like!!

As I was pulled the entire way up!

This mornings ride was excellent! Not only did my wife exceed her maximum mileage, some good friends did as well. My wife Monette impresses almost every ride, though she suffered a bit at the end, she was a trooper. My friend Kelly Smith also exceeded his max mileage.. and took some monster pulls! Please excuse the quality of the image, it was in a Ziploc bag...
Eddie Palacios, Mon Daroy, Kelly Smith, Jorge Guerrero, Jorge(not sure about last name), Carlos Lopez, Monette Arguelles, and Myself.. Thanks for pulling us guys!!
And the results....

After the ride we met up with Kelly and had lunch at BJ's which has turned into an Arguelles family tradition after any 50+ miler..

Then Skyler and I went and had manicures and pedicures.. it was AWESOME!

Jul 6, 2011

Stage 5 - Wax on Wax off!

Stage 5 was awesome... The peleton is still very nervous, Alberto Contador was put in his place by the nature of the race, one must always keep in mind, "what goes around comes around." His bad luck is simply the vengeance of a race without righteousness(2010 Tour) paying it back..

Hats off to Cavendish.. this man seems to flourish when the critics are chirping at their loudest! It's like Cavendish mush give them a big FUCK YOU then sweep the wins! Tyler Ferrar is an American and all, but he rubs me the wrong way for some reason, it's an innate feeling about him, he just doesn't strike me as a real sprinter, he has no fireworks, sprinters leave it all behind!

My ride was pretty awesome, rode with Eddie and Janie Palacios at a nice easy pace, giving my legs recovery from the rides these past 5 days.. Trying to keep sight of the goal, don't let the competition lure me into trying to train, instead my goal is to simply ride and enjoy it..


p.s. - the wife waxed my legs, the comeback must be real!

Jul 5, 2011

Stage 4 - Don't fuck with a mountain biker!

Cadel Evans and perhaps my favorite roadie wins! YES! Goes to show, one should never ever fuck around with a mountain biker(loser alberto contador), simply put, mountain bikers are better cyclists, PERIOD! Better handling skills, better tactics, more endurance.. Lance Armstron(Mountain Biker), George Hincapie(Mountain Biker), hell anyone who is awesome is a mountain biker! .. Look at Mike Padgett... Even Che Ibarra got his start on a mountain bike..


Jul 3, 2011

Ride Through The Tour - Stage 1, 2 and 3

Stage 1 of the tour was pretty awesome, the nerves of the peleton were like the jelly stains on my torn up yet favorite Golden Corral T-shirt after eating too many donuts, APPARENT! My ride was pretty cool, my wife and I did a short loop, got to chat, then met up with family for breakfast.

Ride Data Here:

We went to the Municipal Park to check out the BBQ team competing, some cool rigs out there..

Later in the day we bbq'd with the family

Start with the brine - over night!
Then Roast them slowly... damn they are good!

Stage 2 - Team Time Trial.. it was awesome, not only is Alberto Contador further down, it was just awesome seeing the cohesion of the teams... my ride was good, well it was ok, went out with the team, saw a bunch of familiar faces, and some new ones. Mike and I had a good ride..

When the road turned to dirt.. Mike sped away..

Stage 3 - I know Tyler Ferrar wins, but am just watching the tour right now... My ride was good, rode with my wife to crossfit, where we parted ways.. my ride was good, listening to music and rode alone the rest of the time..

Happy 4th of July everyone!