Apr 15, 2009

who said material things don't matter??

there are two things which have made my life a whole lot better...

1. crocs - thanks to my buddy irongambit, my feet are happier! these shoe's are a pleasure to wear, not only do they help my tired feet relax and feel more recovered, but they totally mold to your foot! thanks steve

2. Ergons - justin farmer hooked me up with some ergons, and holy shit! these are awesome.. my hands went from crampy after a long ride to feeling nice and relaxed! thanks farmer!



  1. You're such an a$$ kisser. But you're right, Martha Stewart, those are both good things! On a truly serious note -- I like your "la muerte de la calle" series. If I find one, I'll photo and send it to you for your collection.

  2. nice! i was there when Eddie took both of those shots! :)

  3. thats true! HAHAHA dead stuff is kick ass!

  4. I really need some of those rubber shoes :-)