Aug 5, 2009

life does not suck!

life is good! i feel content! the little worries and troubles that still tumble in the emptiness of my mind are so minor, little thought is required, that or some dos equis with lime and salt. life is indeed good!

cycling wise, no im not in race shape, but for a guy who rides but several times a week with no expectations and/or worries my cycling fitness ain't bad! i can still ride for a few hours at a moderate pace and enjoy the ride with friends. my cycling crew is talking about competing in the spring series of the TMBRA series, so who knows maybe i'll start training! 2010 could be the year Team McAllen Racing comes back.. we'll see.

other than that, still adapting to living with 2 girls and another on the way, 3 girls and a man! hehe.. can i handle it??


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