Sep 2, 2009

like a child.. riding in the rain and playing with ants!

there were several "reminiscent" factors to this mornings ride. first and foremost was the route. back in the innocence of being a noob we'd meet up at 5 a.m. and ride in the dark, no lights or very minimal to say the least. irongambit was part of that crew.. you memberrrR? we were tough, training when no one else trained, hehe what can i say, we were total noobs and ignorant! today, that was the route that my bike was steered towards, so my thoughts were with my old friends, steve, aaron, and eddie. a simple sigh at the direction life has taken us all was all i left.

second was the rain! rain was never a factor on whether or not my ride would be postponed in the old days. when my eyes opened today i checked the weather and almost smiled at the fact that it wasn't going to stop me, my rubber was going to hit tarmac regardless of what mother nature had in store for me. so out the door with intent, and no worries on the wetness to be incurred.

third.. playing with ants.. memories triggered by this photo i took.

life does not suck,



  1. I like the beer on the beach photo. And the ants. Nice post!

  2. Be careful Mr. Cunt is looking for you. You know what would happen. Good luck.

  3. Freedom means take care and beaware. We'll never tell. Have a great weekend. The Devils Besides, you are a very good man and not a devil.

  4. Ya, we all still love you. May every day be the best for you. You rule the world. love, US

  5. ohh snape is US back?? sweet, and welcome