Apr 8, 2010

The essence of stupidity...

The essence of stupidity exists strongly amongst the shoppers of the HEB on 10th and Jackson Ave. One can expect to see that dumbfounded look ejaculating itself with uncensored enthusiasm whilst using that one crusty index finger on the lone star number pad at every checkout lane. The aggravation as they ask for lottery tickets immediately after paying cash for their 24 oz beers, fills my veins, and the thought of sweet death makes me smile, like the snuggle bear does in those commercials. Dealing with stupidity at this particular HEB feels as if there is a honey like drink oozing its way down my throat hole as slow as possible while inflicting the same kind of pain that only a dinosaur penis could inflict on a midgets asshole!

It hasn’t exactly been my week as far as rekindling my faith in humanities ability to exist intelligently!


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