Jan 16, 2009

muy occupado..

with school.. work.. riding.. life is pretty busy! me gusta. don't really have much else. blogging is getting kinda lame, or maybe its the monkey behind the keyboard that is getting lame, either way, im no longer paying for my own personal blog, went free.

had this dream the other night, a man was down on one knee, in the middle of a park filled with indifferent specimens of human. out of his mouth "you make me happy, would you be my wife?" in a moment the zombied look on the passerbyers was directed at the scene. "NO!" yelped one person. "Don't do it sister, men are evil" another yelled. "What are you crazy man?" a younger man asked. more and more and more of these comments just kept coming until the couple left.

i awoke laughing, as little as 10 years ago that scene would have been romantic. now, in the present tense, we're left with a group of dissapointed beings. its funny!

that was my dream and besides "the suck" that i inflict on single legged pedal intervals, i've got not much else going on.

me gusta toda lo que esta pasando en mi vida!

thanks for reading..

- e to the a.

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