Mar 8, 2009

change is good.. and being proud is better!

things have changed somewhat. there is someone in my life now that really makes me happy, she's not to new to me, we've known each other for over 15 years, but we are romantically involved now, to my suprise it's fantastic..

En route to fat chucks revenge!! on TwitPic

wanna give props to my good friend justin farmer who took 1st place at the last marathon series race and won the state championship. in my experience, marathon racing is a lot harder than the shorter tmbra races, triple the distance usually and speeds are about the same if not faster at times. these guys are tough! there is a reason the fields are smaller.. not everyone can suffer that long. farmer didn't have to even race this last one, he already had the overall race won, but his committment to racing, to training, just to riding his bike is what kept him motivated enough to do it. im proud to have been crew for 3 of his races this season. im looking forward to future races! maybe even one of the national marathon races...

if i had a beer right now, i'd raise it to ya bro! you did awesome!!!

it was nice doing a recovery ride with ya this morning too .. haha my hr was in the 150's while im sure his was in the 80's ROFL..


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