Mar 19, 2009

the "best" road in the valley!

after jeff(331 miles) wrote about jara china road, which was a great write up and i agree 100% about it being a fantastic road to ride on, BUT.. it compelled me to write about the real "best road" in the valley. what constitutes a road? the oxford american dictionary defines road as "a way by which people or animals or vehicles may pass between places".

during the dark times of my cycling life, when i left mountain biking and dedicated 2 full years into being a roadie, jara china even back then, was an awesome road. any write up of mine would have been just like jeffs.. but now, that im no longer a roadie, my eyes are wide open to real beauty, to really beautiful routes, often un touched by the rubber of our vehicles in weeks.

nostalgic moments for me are often on those "paths" with just a hand full of willing friends dirt on our legs riding those paths/roads often untravelled... it is with these thoughts that i try to convince my roadie friends to give the mtb another try!

that is why the "best road" is the dirt road!



  1. When I get a steady stream of income, I might take my old Marin Hawk Hill back to MTB. It's set up right now as a kiddie trailer bike puller!