Apr 7, 2009

on death..

there is a little bit of death that happens at every moment in our lives. everything with the exception of pi seems to have an end, and even pi in its infinity needs someone to count it. some might take this little excerpt as another weird expression, but on my way to work today it hit me like a ton of feathers. on the upper right corner of this blog you'll see a new album gadget that i've placed with pictures of roadkill that crosses my path while riding, morbid.. sure, but necessary to remind me of the little encounters of death that occur on a daily basis.

a while ago i saw the death of my ride, later today the death of my ride home, the death of a relationship, the death of a meal, the death of skin cells, the death of a vision, there are so many. it's fascinating that we as a whole are not more comfortable with human death. perhaps the human ego is indeed too large to overcome.

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