Apr 3, 2009

on my legs...

lately my legs have been in motion. a turn of events which has seen itself become a real blessing is the cause..

on the bike, my smile is ear to ear, no matter the pain. the conscience of my heart in its simple existence is tranquil, yet competitive. it's been said of me that in order to flourish in whatever my endeavors are a feeling of competition must exist. if there is one truth about myself, that is it. whether against myself or the likes of people like mike "what's your heart rate at" padgett, if it's there, chances are i'm a happy camper.

the key is consistency, my greatest struggle thus far has been that. grow up my mind tells me, quit that lifestyle which fruits nothing but sour oranges. only actions matter, so we'll see.



  1. I like the contrast of your poetic, lyrical post and the photo of Borat. Wa-wa-we-wah! Classic!

  2. hahaha my fav is .. "i like you!! how much?"

  3. Tell me the road kill pictures weren't from you running the critters over? :-)