Jun 24, 2009

cycling and fatherhood...

this post will attempt to cover fatherhood, parenthood in general, fears, and cycling...

my friend jeff(331 Miles) has been riding with his little girls at the mission nature trails, this and my girlfriends daughter(skyler) to whom i've become very attached to has surfaced the thoughts about fatherhood like oil in water. my mind is constantly racing with images of future actions, and though it seems inconceivable to plan for the style of "parenting" which will be developed, it certainly keeps me entertained.

my illusions of the future with 2 children are filled with cycling trips which will offer priceless lessons on the good and bad that life has to offer. cycling as a sport personifies real life! skyler is a natural athlete, her build is that of a gymnast, her mind is keen, and most importantly her enthusiasm for experiencing new things is reflected in those big brown honey eyes of hers! as we rode through the park yesterday a gesture she made to passer biers made me so proud. she would gesture a hello with a hand wave; however, not one single person returned the gift. at first it boiled my blood, but instead of dwelling on how inconsiderate people can be we sat down on a bench and talked about it. how does one go about explaining that people are assholes to a kid? especially an intelligent kid whose spirit has yet to taste the disappointment that humanity has to offer? my own experiences were of good value during this conversation. we talked about how in my past a lot of people to whom greetings are given to hardly give them in return and that the point of it all was not to expect them in return, but rather be friendly because in your heart you are a happy person who wants to convey that. she looked up and said something like "yes i've noticed a lot of people don't say hello back, its rude, but im not rude!" oh boy are my hands going to be full! this little gal is wayyyyyy ahead of the game! makes me a little nervous, but a good nervous. in retrospect she will probably be the stone with which my being as a whole gets sharp! im grateful for that...

this is skyler on the bike!

now the new one! well this little boy has my stomach in knots already. we have his/her name already selected. if it is a boy his name will be Santiago Eduardo Arguelles, if it's a girl her name will be Pilar Nicole Arguelles. santiago after a good friend of mine who reminds me of how a parent "should be", perhaps even personifying the word father. the name mike was considered but then my senses got a hold of me, there is no way my son would be born an asshole! haha.. sry padgett!

my concept of fatherhood will be well served with the experience that skyler allows me. besides that my intention is to wing it with his best in mind!

here are pictures of my boy.. you can already see the penis in the second pic! he's gonna have a big one.. ;)

week 4

week 7


  1. Good post Eddie! Skyler is "doing unto others what you would have done unto you". I'm not extremely religious, but if we all did that without regard for what we *think* the person might do in return, the world would be a better place. You'll be a great dad -- your mind and heart are already in the right place about fatherhood.

  2. The only reason I want kids! :)

  3. does everyone see the penis??? LOOOK ITS RIGHT THERE!!! chingon!