Nov 11, 2009

Day 1 – Honesty is the best policy!

I'm going to be very honest about this whole experience on this blog. Some of you will laugh at me, some of you will sympathize, some of you will call me weak and what not, but know that this is not for you, its for my son, daughter and wife…

When I got home, my mood was somber at best, poor Monette has had to put up with a lot of this lately mostly because my core doesn't feel like it used to. There should probably be some kind of medicinal intake on my part, but usually riding my bike would take care of it. I'm not riding anymore, and my caloric intake is that of a sumo wrestler, put everything together and the recipe equal's disaster!

Day 1.

Skipped breakfast, ate a high carbohydrate lunch consisting of leftover greenbean casserole and mashed potato's. 1000 calories! All went well until dinner time, I had a 3 piece fried chicken meal and 2 burritos.. like 3200 calories, empty calories! Funny thing is for like 1 hour I felt great and happy and like myself.. That was quickly washed away by a lazy fog of nothingness.. Not good, something has to change!!


  1. You still have your old friends and we all go through tough times.

  2. Ya you forgot the Pepsi!!! Take care.

  3. Happy Turkey Day. Love to you your family and all of the friends too Love, US

  4. Honestly you are the best man.