Dec 4, 2009

mother nature has been giving me shrinkage!

Yup! It's cold out, and with mother nature gently fondling my nether regions my preference is to stay indoors and do a little bit of nothing! On a good note, my commuter bike is finished! Have yet to give it a real test, still waiting for my bags and rack to come in.

Got on the bike a little bit and my legs felt decent, which was a surprise to me. This weekend depending on the weather, as I also have become a candy ass like my friend Justin Farmer, my butt might get on the saddle for a few hours, maybe with the likes of my old time friend Mike Padgett..

My mountain bike is on the sidelines at the moment as my attempt to convert it to disc brakes went .. well .. not as expected. Adapters and different size rotors are needed; however, my air head ass learned a lil sumthin sumthin about brakes in the process, go ahead, ask me anything!

It feels good to be where here at the moment, peaceful, with family, new responsibilities and everything that comes with that. Life does not suck!


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