Jan 21, 2010

day three and four...

and i rode! yes its been steady! tomorrow friday is a rest day, and my legs actually need it.

every day on my route i see this cantina. now for you northern folk who think a "cantina" is a nice area within a restaurant for you to drink, hehehe *shaking head*, this is the real deal! actually i have been there and have had a good time, its called "el ranchito" lots of alcohol, prostitutes, cocaine, weed, and the occasional guy with a gun okay most guys there are packing! fun! there have been at least 3 guys killed there every year in the past 10 years, my step father used to play drums with a band there and when my biological mother and i would go pick him up, we'd see the occasional dude banging a fat chick outside on a car.. lol.. ahh childhood memories!

santiago is doing great! growing, eating and pooping is his job.. he's a stud!



  1. The party must go on.

  2. I bet this would be a sweet HDR photo :)

  3. IS a stud were'nt you always???