Jan 19, 2010

two days in a row!

woke up this morning not really feeling like riding, after getting skyler fed and to school my bike and i went for a ride.. two days in a row! this is epic, because there hasn't been two days in a row of riding in a long long time!

this sweet draft was pretty cool too.. reminded me of the days when us big guys would ride together, aaron, randy, and i.. ahh the drafts must have been this sweet for the little guys!

as i hit the first country road the sky turned eerie, evoking post apocalyptic images in my head, it was kinda cool!

in an attempt to eat better, my much better half made some awesome lean ground turkey which i applied onto a whole grain wrap, topped with cilantro and tomato, voila.. lunch is served!

its going well thus far, and keeping myself in check isn't always easy but in the end me thinks totally worth while!


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  1. Good boy take care and may the weekend be great!!!