Apr 15, 2011

thursday social ride - pizza rustica

we headed out around 8:00 p.m. thursday evening, joseph, eddie and i. the traffic was low, the headlights we not yet needed, and the conversation was good. wives, lives, kids, upcoming races, bosses, you know, the everyday struggle that keeps us going.

as we got past the main streets and onto the lesser traveled roads, there was a calm about the pace that was indescribable, almost a no chain spinning that is rare when facing head winds. my body was feeling bonkish as we got to pizza rustica, nothing that a coca-cola and a slice couldn't fix..

the restaurant itself is pretty quaint, reminded me of a diner once passed in a ghost town of a memory. first thing you see is a bar with pizza spread out like a train tunnel, with all kinds of pizza. i settled for a caprese with basil and buffalo mozzarella on a whole wheat crust... it was delicious and immediately i thought about my wife and how much she might like it.. turned out to be the opposite.

the guys ordered a sausage pizza and a chicken pizza, also good!
this is only the 2nd of what i hope becomes a every thursday evening event, but already it has been awesome. not sure where we are going next thursday but we'll let you know!

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