Apr 20, 2011

on quitting...

my nature is not usually to quit once something has been started; however, since there has been some commentary on my recent "quit" at the walk and rolla ride, a response is necessary.
the wind was 35 mph+, granted there have been rides in which the wind was stronger than that and finished on my part, but when my fitness was much higher, excuses, excuses, agreed. lets just say this then, you should have done it and seen just how much torture this ride was. my hats off to the awesome strong riders who finished one of this years hardest rides thus far...

and with that.. have a good day... hopefully my writing will get better now that blogging is cool again.



  1. I thought that you were postponing the finish til next year when you, your wife and children can cross the finish together.

  2. i like that answer! and also when the wind is a lot calmer!!!!