Aug 13, 2011

Now I know what Lance must feel like!!

As I was pulled the entire way up!

This mornings ride was excellent! Not only did my wife exceed her maximum mileage, some good friends did as well. My wife Monette impresses almost every ride, though she suffered a bit at the end, she was a trooper. My friend Kelly Smith also exceeded his max mileage.. and took some monster pulls! Please excuse the quality of the image, it was in a Ziploc bag...
Eddie Palacios, Mon Daroy, Kelly Smith, Jorge Guerrero, Jorge(not sure about last name), Carlos Lopez, Monette Arguelles, and Myself.. Thanks for pulling us guys!!
And the results....

After the ride we met up with Kelly and had lunch at BJ's which has turned into an Arguelles family tradition after any 50+ miler..

Then Skyler and I went and had manicures and pedicures.. it was AWESOME!

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